Computer-Based Measurement and Automation Systems

Amplicon Rail Solutions

Amplicon provides the marketplace with a wide range of advanced computer-based measurement and automation systems that can be customised, networked and bundled for easy integration, backed by a technically competent workforce with a highly developed engineering capability and a state-of-the-art EMC test facility.

With a history of over 40 years based firmly in engineering, Amplicon has gained unrivalled experience in the distribution and manufacture of products and systems for industrial applications.

Approved rail industrial computers

Amplicon Rail supplies a number of solutions approved to rail standards such as EN50155 and its industrial computers have been successfully tested for London Underground approval.

Industrial computers are at the heart of every system, with 24/7 operation in many different environmental conditions both trackside and in the control room. The Amplicon standard range should meet all of your needs. When there is a more specific requirement, Amplicon's team of design engineers will work with you to produce a cost-effective solution that is ready to either integrate in to a larger system or be deployed as a stand-alone system.

Rugged embedded computers

Amplicon's Impact-E range of rugged embedded computers is ideal for space-critical applications. They are regularly used in rail applications such as CCTV and passenger information systems. Impact-Es are fanless with silent operation.

Rail-approved industrial Ethernet switches

Amplicon supplies industrial Ethernet switches for rail applications on rolling stock and for trackside applications such as signalling and barrier control. Amplicon has many EN50155 approved products

Free consultancy, application engineers and product specialists

The Amplicon rail division works exclusively with leading providers in the transport industry. Our application engineers and product specialists offer free consultancy which can be either a simple phone call or a qualified visit to your site. Amplicon has many years of engineering experience in this marketplace and a portfolio of products designed and selected specifically to meet the high standards required by the rail industry.

EMC capability and test facility

Amplicon has over ten years of EMC testing experience and owns a pre-compliance test facility that operates within an ISO9000 quality assurance system.

With experience of designing and manufacturing compliant products Amplicon has unparalleled knowledge, and applying its EMC expertise to its product range allows the company to provide fully compliant systems with known and predictable characteristics. Amplicon's extensive EMC capability is complemented by LVD and environmental test facilities.

As well as adding new facilities, Amplicon has upgraded and improved its EMC capability. The company is now able to offer 3GHz immunity and 18GHz emissions testing on a pre-compliance basis, along with extensive LVD and environmental testing.

Track monitoring, CCTV, passenger information systems and signal control computers

Please visit the Amplicon website to view a sample of the recent rail projects the company has been involved with. These include:

  • Rail track monitoring in China
  • Rail CCTV
  • Passenger information systems
  • Signal control

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The Future of Railway Wireless Networks: What You Need to Know 12 January 2012 In many ways the technologies underlying train communications systems have advanced little in the time since the first modern rail systems were established 200 years ago. Many rail networks still use basic 'Mark I Eyeball' visual signalling systems that would not be unfamiliar to a locomotive operator from the 1800s.