Bogie Testing and Maintenance Equipment

Nencki is a leading Swiss manufacturer of bogie testing and maintenance equipment and for machinery for stationary rail welding plants.

Computer-controlled bogie test stands

The product range includes machines for testing of two and three-axle bogies for coaches and locomotives.

The Nencki bogie test stand is available with the following test features:

  • Wheel load
  • Calculation of shim plates
  • Axle distance and parallelism
  • Wheel shoulder (wheel back-to-back distance)
  • Test in combination with tilting technology
  • Test in combination with radial (wheel steering bogies) technology
  • Leakage test of the air bolster
  • Wheel diameter and run-out

Many more exciting features are also available.

Computer-controlled spring text presses

Nencki offers solutions for coil, metal-rubber and leaf springs as well as solutions for testing of complete primary suspensions. Its fully computer-controlled machines can be used for the testing of:

  • Axial stiffness
  • Transversial stiffness
  • Bowing angle and distance
  • Deflection diagrams
  • Other spring-specific test parameters

Wheel weighing facility

Safety against derailment is a primary concern for locomotive and rolling stock manufacturers and rail operators alike. Nencki's wheel weighing facility allows for the measurement of individual wheel loads and unloading in a twisted-track derailment scenario. The test is performed to the regulations of the EN 14363 standard, is fully automatic and can be completed in less than 30min.

Made by Nencki in Switzerland

All Nencki products are manufactured in Switzerland. Nencki has its own departments with skilled staff for mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and software engineering, as well as manufacturing facilities for machining, welding and assembly and an international after-sales service organisation. Nencki operates in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001.

Nencki has regional offices worldwide, and are always interested in additional distribution partners.

Contact Details

Nencki Ltd.
Railway and Vehicle Technology
Aarwangenstrasse 90
Contact: Mr Kellenberger (railway technology sales manager)
+41 62 919 93 93
+41 62 919 93 90

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Nencki Integrated Bogie Workshop 08 September 2016 Nencki Railway Technology has achieved a worldwide leading position with large professional competence in the branch of testing railway bogies.