Railway Wheels and Wheelsets for all Railway Applications

Bonatrans develops, manufactures and supplies railway wheelsets and their parts - wheels, wheel centres, tyres, rubber-cushioned resilient wheels and noise absorbers - for all types of railway vehicles, ranging from stress optimised freight wheelsets to specialised high-speed wheelsets.

Bonatrans has become the largest European wheelset manufacturer with the widest production portfolio, both in terms of production range as well as in terms of geographical distribution - Bonatrans products are in operation in over 70 countries on five continents, including virtually all European countries. This enables Bonatrans to build on such a width of experience and to offer the customer an optimal, "tailor-made" but at the same time verified solution.

Our experienced research and development team is working on the continuous improvement of design and material properties of railway wheels and wheelsets in order to achieve optimum behaviour in terms of mechanical properties, weight and life cycle costs.

Bonatrans wheelsets and their parts are supplied for: high-speed trains; intercity and regional trains; suburban trains and light rail vehicles; trams and underground trains; all types of locomotives, as well as freight wagons.

Railway wheelsets

Bonatrans offers complete railroad wheelsets for all applications, including assemblies of such components as brake discs, bearing boxes, drives and gearboxes, noise absorbers, etc.

Dimensions vary from the smallest freight wheelsets (diameter 360mm) for low-floor flat cars for the transport of lorries, to the biggest locomotive wheelsets (1,250mm). The product line includes Bonatrans B29 and BBS wheelsets for large axle loads (25t) with high thermal loading resistance for freight wagons, as well as wheelsets for high speeds and other special applications.

Rolled railway wheels and rubber-cushioned wheels

Bonatrans manufactures a wide range of rolled railroad wheels of all dimensions and designs corresponding to various types of applications, including drilled plates, noise and vibration absorbers and brake discs mounted on the wheel plates.

As a specific product, Bonatrans offers rubber-cushioned resilient wheels offering a high degree of noise and vibration suppression especially in the domain of urban transport. Apart from the noise-reducing advantage, these wheels also considerably reduce wheel and rail wear and the overall life cycle costs. The Bonatrans design of the resilient wheels differs from other similar designs and provides for low weight, space saving and easy maintainability.

Railway axles

Bonatrans offers a wide range of railroad axles, including: drive axles with multiple seats; axles with molybdenum layer reinforced seats; non-drive railroad axles for passenger and freight applications; lightweight axles with longitudinal boring (hollow) allowing for precise diagnostics when in operation, etc.

Railway discs and tires

Even though the number of tired wheels is decreasing with the gradual introduction of monobloc wheels, many of them are still in operation and Bonatrans supplies a complete line of spare railroad tires, i.e. wagon, locomotive and tram tires. Bonatrans also supplies machined tires for rubber-sprung resilient wheels.

Noise and vibration absorbers for rail wheels

As noise emitted by railway wheels is a major environmental issue, especially in highly populated areas, Bonatrans offers various types of noise and vibration absorbers that significantly and efficiently reduce the noise of wheels in operation.


Our clients include major European and international railways such as DB (Germany), SNCF (France), operators in Great Britain, ÖBB (Austria) SJ (Sweden), SBB (Switzerland), SNCB (Belgium), PKP (Poland), CD (Czech Republic), ŽS (Slovakia), MÁV (Hungary), CR (China), North American Railroads and many others.

Moreover, we furnish Siemens, Bombardier Transportation, Alstom, GE Transportation Systems, Hyundai Rotem, Kawasaki Rail Car, Kinki Sharyo, Skoda Transportation, Tatravagonka Poprad, International Railway Systems, Greenbrier and many others with wheelsets for new vehicles.

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